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Medical Admin Assistant

Our Certified Medical Administrative Assistant certification program is simple and affordable. All of our certification materials are completely app-ready so they can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Earning your CMAA certification through National Performance Specialists means you’ll become nationally certified, which ensures employers your continually updating your industry knowledge in the field. Without this, a potential employer can’t verify your skills, decreasing your chances of being hired.

Medical administrative assistants are essential team members at hospitals, doctor’s offices, outpatient facilities, and clinics. 

As advancements in medical technology rise, more employers are requiring national certification in the administrative field each year.

They are responsible for the following duties:

1. Accomplishing office tasks

2. Using office software and equipment

3. Managing operation reports

4. Answering calls and scheduling appointments

5. Updating patient electronic medical records

6. Greeting and intaking patients

7. Verifying patient or donor identity

Program Details

Tuition includes all books, equipment, and supplies. Tuition doesn’t increase as long as you’re continuously enrolled in accordance with specified program timelines. Our Finance Department provides valuable information about financing options.

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