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Hybrid Clinical Medical Assistant

What will you learn 

​CCMAs are essential team members at hospitals, blood donor centers, mobile phlebotomy solutions, and diagnostic laboratories. As advancements in medical technology rise, more employers are requiring national certification in the patient care field.

Earning your CCMA through 1st Class Learning means you’ll become nationally certified, after competition of the course. This ensures employers your continually updating your industry knowledge in the patient care field. With this, a potential employer can verify your patient care skills, increasing your chances of being hired.

Become a CCMA in 4 easy steps:

    •    Register

    •    Pay none refundable security deposit 

    •    Complete the course

    •    Take state exam

Program Details

This is an 8- Week training class. 


The total amount is $2500


Prerquisite: To take the class you have to have completed a certified phlebotomy course. Or be a certified/licensed professional in the medical field that performs venipunctur

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