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IV Therapy

What will you learn 

  • Proper IV placement 

  • Vein selection 

  • Describe the use of IV therapy.   

  • Identify appropriate sites for venipuncture

  • Identify equipment used to provide IV therapy

  • Perform venipuncture

  • Infiltration

  • Extravasation

  • Occlusions

  • Vein irritation/pain at the venipuncture site

Program Details

This is a 1 day 3 hour training class. Upon completion you will receive a certificate of complete of the IV Therapy Training. 


The total amount is $350 Returning Student fee is $300


Prerequisite: To take the class you have to have completed a certified phlebotomy course. Or be a certified/licensed professional in the medical field that performs venipuncture.

Alumnus: All 1st Class Alumnus that would like to take the course will receive a $50 discount. 

Refund Policy: If you cancel or don’t attend the training you will lose $50 of the payment you made. Refunds will be issued within seven business days. If you decide to take a later course, you only can do that one time without losing the $50 deposit. The refund will need to be requested within three business days from the day that class starts. If this is not done within three business days, the entire amount will be lost and no refund will be given.

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